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Yes, you heard that right. We decided to do something extra special today that will enable you to create a new income stream, and give you a great return on investment. We’ve decided to allow up to 250 of our customers acquire a Reseller License to sell our software and keep all the profits.

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Is a game-changer for the millions of companies, startups, freelancers, marketers, and professionals who see the opportunity in the growing need for user and visitor participation online.

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Here're The Bonuses That You Get When You Order Your 2.0 ProMedia Today!

Bonus #1: Ultimate Marketing Graphics Collection

Is increasing sales and conversions a constant source of stress for you? Within this exclusive bonus bundle, you'll find over 21 modules containing stunning visuals, meaning you'll never have to wait for your graphics man again.

Bonus #2: Ultimate Infographics Bundle

Infographics can be used for a variety of purposes, but not limited to promoting products and services, communicating complex data, and building relationships with target audiences. This fantastic extra bundle comes with a plethora of usable infographics for posting on your website, blog, or even social media.

Bonus #3: More Pro Marketing Banners

Sales can be significantly impacted by using professional marketing banners. Creating professional banners, however, may be a time-consuming and tedious process if you aren't graphically savvy. You get your own own set of high-quality banners in this awesome extra package!

Bonus #4: The Vector Blowout

Everyone is employing vector graphics in their marketing campaigns to promote conversions and revenue. This extra package includes 1400 vector drawings in 50 categories. Vector Blowout Bonus is compatible with video editing and graphics software. Use in video editing or graphics software.

Bonus #5: Video Transition Backgrounds

Want an easy-to-use transition video? A 2.0 ProMedia Elite Edition transition background? Then grab this additional gift. 100 background-transition videos are included. These easy-to-use, high-definition films will make your finished video look professional.

Bonus #6: Highly Entertaining GIFs

GIF pictures attract your prospect's interest because they're animated. If you're not excellent at graphic design, creating your own GIFs might be tough and expensive. This extra package includes over 30 fun MP4 videos that can be transformed into GIF animations in minutes.

Bonus #7: Free Business Videos

You'll learn how to construct specialised websites that generate leads and sales with free online tools in this additional package. No technological skills needed! Watch and copy for fast results. This 20-part video lesson teaches you how to develop specialty websites using FREE online tools and software.

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