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    Discover/Upload a Trending Video for Your Niche

    Instead of making your own video, why not use one that has previously been successful online? You can also insert a link to a previously recorded webinar, demo, explainer, or other video.


    Make 20 Copies, Tweak it, and Insert your Link.

    Create 20 unique, attention-grabbing, highly engaging videos from a single source with a single click and a few simple edits. Divide it up into 20 shorter films, tweak it, and include your URL.


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    set it to go live or be published at a later date to get free traffic 24/7. You can schedule posts for weeks or months in advance, or immediately add your link and publish the appropriate way on Facebook and Instagram.


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  • Pre-made Templates Already Done 

  • Don't waste time pondering the issue. Simply pick one of our expertly crafted templates that is sure to grab your audience's interest and have them watching your videos in no time.

  • Create Stunning, One-of-Kind Effects Easily

  • Add whatever you like to your campaign, be it photos, GIFs, text, elements, or sound. We have a search bar where you can type in a keyword and get 100s of ideas in a matter of seconds.

  • It's a One-Click Solution to Edit Mass Videos

  • You thought you needed to edit each video individually, didn't you? Let your imagination run wild, and then hit "APPLY TO ALL" to have your modifications made across the board.

  • Includes a Video Playback Progress Bar

  • You've probably noticed that videos with progress bars are all the rage and give their creators an air of authority. It's simple to change the video's background color, crop it to the perfect height, and add a progress bar.

  • Individual Video Editing and Modification

  • Choose the video you wish to modify from the list that drops down after you click the menu. To save your changes, click the Apply button. That sums it up nicely.

  • Put in some enticing subtitles

  • Mistakenly left the microphone muted? To ensure that your message is heard and understood, subtitle your videos. You can either add subtitles from a file or edit them manually.

  • Spread Your Brand With Just One Click

  • Use a single click to instantly give your videos opening and closing credits. Pick one of these three options: text, picture, or motion picture. You'll save a ton of time not having to add intros and outros to each video individually.

  • Scale and resize video and canvas as needed

  • Instead of being limited to a small number of predetermined video ratios, you can choose the exact proportions of your movie and canvas to suit your needs.

  • Simple editing of several layers

  • Editing that mimics the multi-layer technique of Photoshop, giving you the ability to develop and bring your video campaigns to life.

  • You can use downloaded videos anywhere.

  • You can download your videos, then upload and distribute them on whatever platform you choose. There are no limitations.

  • One-Click Metadata Editing and Tagging

  • Use videos to their full potential. Your videos will reach more people if you take the time to add tags and descriptions. Easily categorize your whole collection by just tagging and describing a single item.

  • Instantly publish or schedule for months

  • Recurring & Automatic Put out your video ads and bask in the free targeted traffic and worry-free bliss they provide for months. Envision making dozens of videos out of a few of videos and scheduling them to go live months apart.

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